AppsTec Case Studies: Projects, Implementation, Challenges

Case Studies


IHCC is a turnkey solution provider that specializes in healthcare, education, and mixed-use projects. The main focus is to offer turnkey healthcare, educational, and mixed-use projects, from conception to completion, including everything from comprehensive feasibility studies, conceptualization, architectural and engineering design to state-of-the-art construction, financing, procurement, equipping and furnishing, and operational services.

Business Problem/Business Need

  • Negotiations are happening manually with the Supplier.
  • The entire approval process was also manual.
  • Tracking the invoice status is difficult for the Supplier.
  • IHCC wanted a negotiation Process with the Approvals.
  • Workflow customization is required for the Pre pre-negotiation approvals as per the IHCC requirement.
  • AME approvals to be enabled for New supplier registration and Sourcing Award Approval.
  • The Procurement Manager is required to track the negotiations online discussions between the Buyer and Supplier.
  • A supplier quotation comparison report is required for the client IHCC.

Project Implementation & Team

Modules Implemented:

  • Oracle PM
  • Oracle SCM
  • Oracle DBA
  • Technical Lead


  • Enables the suppliers to conduct online negotiations with the buying company.
  • Online evaluation process by PTRs which reduced huge paper and considerable amount of saving time.
  • Immediate email notification to the ISP Users with information pending POs requiring attention.
  • Provided the supplier with the capability to register, maintain, and update their profile through a self-service interface. This includes details like address, contact, and Bank Accounts.
  • More than 2000 Suppliers have been registered.


SETE Saudia (SETE Energy Saudia for Industrial Projects Ltd.) started in the Kingdom some 40 years ago. It was first incorporated under the name of Petrola International and established a strong presence in KSA’s Western Region. SETE Saudia, then, expanded to various other parts of the Kingdom delivering vital projects in areas such as industrial and civil construction, development of Real Estate communities, and water treatment.

Project Overview

Business Problem

SETE wanted to identify a competent partner to understand the business requirements & their legacy systems to redeploy their re‐engineered business processes within the latest release of Oracle e‐Business Suite version R12.


SETE was struggling to gather accurate and timely information from the outdated and siloed legacy systems that supported its processes across finance, financial planning and analysis, SCM and procurement operations. SETE needed to modernize its processes for these key back-office operations.

SETE has a 11i EBusiness suit on Windows Platform. There were challenges in their operation with 11i on Windows platform. The wanted the R12 to be reimplemented on Linux Platform.

SETE wanted supplier ID to be maintained same as 11i when migration is completed which is was not supported by Oracle.

Project Implementation & Team

Modules Implemented:

  • Oracle Financials
  • Oracle SCM
  • Oracle HRMS


  • SETE reimplementation was planned in three phases, CRP1, CRP2 (UAT), and production migration.
  • CRP 1 was deployed with reports migrated from the 11i instance (Windows Platform), Supplier, customer data load & migration of past years’ data.
  • CRP 2 was done as the second iteration & UAT testing and training were carried out.
  • Production cutover was done & supported client for a month as part of post reimplementation Support.


MTN Yemen was established in September 2000 as a local and international joint stock company, becoming the first choice for the community as a GSM service provider under the brand name Spacetel Yemen which became part of Investcom Group and then merged between Investcom Group and MTN. International to turn Spacetel Yemen into MTN Yemen.

MTN was established to provide the Yemeni user with mobile service throughout the Republic of Yemen. MTN YEMEN offers state-of-the-art mobile products and services, using the latest telecommunications equipment from Alcatel. This service is prepaid, with the latest value-added GSM services such as Show Number, SMS, Voice Mail, Fax and Data, Unified Mail, Super Detector, Ringtone, Logos, Songs … etc.

The company also offers international roaming to its subscribers so that they can roam their numbers in most countries of the world, and the process of linking between MTN and most of the GSM networks on a daily basis.

Business Problems and Challenges

  • Manual calculation of tax and exemptions in all Tax related documents
  • Preparation of reports to be submitted to tax authorities manually
  • Tax impact of Fixed assets and application of bonus and depreciation rates different from Corporate book
  • Management reports were all manual because of tax implications

Project Implementation & Team


  • Project Manager – 1
  • Lead Functional Expert -1
  • Functional consultants – 2
  • Technical Experts – 2


  • E-business tax is implemented and can handle all scenarios of automatic tax calculation in Financials as well as supply chain modules.
  • Creation of custom reports in tax authority required format directly from the system.
  • Implemented Fixed Asset Tax books to handle the depreciation scenarios and generate automatic reports from the system.
  • Management reports now cover tax scenarios without any manual entries or Excel corrections.