Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: Collaborative Success
Alliances & Partners

Alliances & Partners

Our value-added services to our customers stem from a robust partner and alliances ecosystem that drives innovation, agility, better returns on investments and fosters long-term trust for continued business justifications.

Through our partner ecosystem, Appstec offers customers the invaluable opportunity to maximize the combined value of leading technology platforms and innovations.

Appstec has established strong and resilient partner alliances with top-tier as well as boutique and niche product and consulting firms. These trusted relationships are cultivated to drive improved business outcomes for joint customers, enhancing scalability and technological advantages for focused customers and partners.



Appstec and Oracle have a profound understanding of customer-centric value drivers. Over the past decade, our portfolio of Oracle offerings has experienced exponential growth, transforming us into a multi-pillar services provider.
Appstec has successfully handled various Oracle services, including EBS, Databases, Fusion, and Cloud, among others. This diverse experience reflects our capability to work with everything related to Oracle



As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Appstec is committed to helping customers unlock the potential of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Our focus is to be the leader in this space and, we continuously strive to deliver best-in-class services with the ability to innovate, with leading social, mobile, and cloud technologies.



Appstec offers best-in-class enterprise content management and document management solutions to customers intent on streamlining, regulating, and categorizing organizations-wide digital and manual documentation.

With the help of dMacq, we bring the right value and drive intelligent insights for data-driven decision-making and outcomes for businesses to make sense of the data in their hands.

Kore is a leading AI-driven optimized customer and user experience platform and Appstec partnering with signifies the breadth of technological capability our customers can rely on to be realized.

With our unparalleled customer-centric service provisioning, we enable customers to realize’s unique AI platform to help reduce human errors and increase organization-wide productivity by up to 80%.

Appstec collaborates with technology leaders and consulting firms to provide customers with cutting-edge technological advantages in various areas. These areas of partnership include:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Business Analytics & Reporting

These collaborations enable us to offer innovative solutions and stay at the forefront of technology in order to better serve our customers.