Vast experience in Enterprise Application Integration

Supports a solid offer of SOA solutions’ implementation services.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration

The need to be more competitive in an environment with competition on a global scale, organization are obliged to become extremely flexible and with an enormous adaptation ability performed with the least possible effort. These characteristics are inhered by the organizations information systems, thus imposing that systems must be quick to adapt and the adaptation has marginal costs.

In this context, Appstec offers a set of services in terms of system integration architectures, allowing companies to evolve in their efficient information systems usage. This offer includes the following services:

Systems Architecture
Information Architecture
Service Implementation Architecture
Enterprise Architecture Integration (EAI)
SOA Governance
Real-time Monitoring using (BAM)tools
Composite Applications

By using these technologies, Appstec can create solutions totally adapted to their customers’ needs.

Why Appstec?

Throughout the years Appstec has been acquiring a vast experience and developing skills in both Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Application Integration, which supports a solid offer of SOA solutions’ implementation services.


SOA is such an important strategic initiative to pursue, in order to guarantee that systems are scalable and flexible, even in constant changing environments, and it helps to align IT and Business objectives. This strategy consists in the following three main elements:

  • Services that expose business services and that can be part of one or more business processes.
  • A specific infrastructure based on Oracle Service Bus, that easily allows to virtualize, aggregate and transform services in a flexible way;
  • Policies and Processes to allow the correct and effective management of complex, heterogeneous distributed systems.