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Any company investing in ERP projects or technologies will want to know that the investment will pay off—have sufficient return on investment (ROI) to justify the expenditure. Interest in implementing a new or replacement ERP system usually starts with a need to address some operational difficulties in business processes, incurring high costs, inability to meet competitor’s moves, shortcomings of the current system, or sometimes just a general desire to improve performance.

An area that gets little or no attention but has a significant impact on ERP business value generation is the strategic pre-assessments on ERP projects. Most of the organizations will go straight into a procurement process without a formal evaluation of needs or with limited assessment. Many will reason that they already know that they need a system so why lose time on an already lengthy process? But sooner or later they will come to know that ERP projects never really end. An ERP implementation is only the beginning of a journey with many twists, turns and – unfortunately – missed opportunities. The majority of business value ERP can generate happens during the maintenance life-cycle. Many customers never realize the full potential of ERP due to the maintenance strategy employed.

Why AppsTec?

As ERP projects are of significant investment that will enrich your organization for over a decade, it will be important to have a well thought strategic pre-assessments. AppsTec can help you to understand and extend the value of your ERP projects, adding proficiency to your team of Oracle experts and to address your pressing business challenges with industry-leading solutions or providing unique services that enhance your experience with Oracle technology.

AppsTec’s expertise ERP assessment team is well equipped with an understanding of the real issues that are currently being experienced by your organization which are hindering your overall system performance and making the initial ROI more difficult to achieve. We address your business challenges to mitigate the potential issues through our comprehensive ERP assessments which provides insight into possible opportunities and risks that should be part of an overall ERP roadmap to align with your business objectives.